What is a Personal Breakthrough & who is it ideal for?


A personal breakthrough is a customized program designed for you and Alison to look beyond the many layers of the problem in order to really understand what the problem is and how the problem shows up in your life.


The breakthrough process is a period of 5-6 weeks, preferably each week for a total of 15 hours meeting in person with Alison. 


The breakthrough process is designed to be very task-oriented and requires complete commitment and responsibly to the tasks given. Alison knows how uncomfortable change can be but, Alison is also aware of how incredible life can be once you are supported in transforming the thoughts, behaviours, and beliefs that you have had for a long time, maybe even your whole life. 


The purpose of the tasks is for you to break through any conscious and unconscious resistance, install new learnings and beliefs, and to guarantee your growth in order to attain the transformation and lasting change you intend to. 

Alison focuses on gaining the valuable and liberating learnings of past experiences with a QCP™ session. A QCP session gives both Alison and yourself the awareness needed in order to release any negative emotions, limiting beliefs or decisions, that are currently operating on a conscious and unconscious level in relationship to the problem. Alison believes that the past is just a map of where you have been and that it holds incredible lessons if we are willing to go look. What would it be like to stop bringing up the past mistakes, painful memories or situations that you find you just cannot let go of in your relationships, career, or everyday life? You can completely understand and accept the past for what it was while bringing valuable learnings into the present and future.

A Personal Breakthrough is ideal if you are interested in:


  • Improving your relationship with yourself, partner, friends, family, and colleagues

  • Transforming old habits and patterns that are keeping you stuck and getting in the way of success

  • Letting go of Adverse Childhood Experiences and past hurts

  • Releasing anxiety and depression and any other mental or emotional health issues 

  • Increasing physical vitality and wellbeing 

  • Building a powerful new relationship with money while increasing financial abundance and finding greater career success 

  • Learning to make clear choices that reflect who you are

  • Gaining a deeper spiritual understanding and awareness 

How do you know if a customized Personal Breakthrough is right for you?


Contact Alison for a complimentary phone assessment to determine if the personal breakthrough format is appropriate.  Alison invests in your success and wants to make sure if a breakthrough format is how she can best serve you. Alison will begin with a 3-hour Detailed Personal History which is a flat fee of $175.00 + HST in order for Alison to know whether or not you meet to requirements for this customized life-changing program. Alison waves the $175.00 + HST for those who proceed with the process. 

This is a do with process. It requires your commitment and responsibility. Alison is available for phone call support and coaching throughout this whole process. As you commit to using the tools and resources that allow you to break through the boundaries of the problem, the fast and long-lasting solutions will put you in the driver's seat for creating an empowering future. 


To learn more and find out if a Personal Breakthrough is right for you, contact Alison.

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