About Alison

My father was sick for almost 7 years of my adolescence and after he passed in 2012, my healing journey began. I pursued post-secondary education in Holistic Health and during my 18-month program, I was required to do 30 hours of psychotherapy. This commitment to therapy quickly opened my mind to how deeply rooted and unconscious some of our emotions are and how they influence our lives. As my interest in psychotherapy increased, I decided to pursue my psychology degree to really have an understanding of the mind-body connection. While completing my degree I took a variety of psychotherapy courses and professional training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I not only wanted to understand how the past influences our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours, but I also wanted to access tools that would allow me to get fast and real results for my clients. 

 I am obsessed with the mind and helping my clients release blocks and emotions from the past so they can move forward with positive momentum and get real results in their lives and businesses.

I am extremely passionate about providing emotional education and life skills to all individuals who wish to understand themselves and their emotions better. I have been fortunate enough to speak to students, teachers, and parents all across the GTA in schools about mental health, mindset, and resiliency.

Throughout the course of almost a decade of working with clients and combined 500+ hours of casework required for my professional certifications and education, I have worked with hundreds of individuals one on one or in a group format both online and offline helping them get to the root of and clear the problems in their lives. 

By using my unique integration of psychology, coaching, and intuition, I help my clients get long-lasting results at quantum speed. 

I love working with entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level. By using my intuition combined with tools for removing unconscious blocks and patterns, we awaken the next-level version of them and next-level business growth. 

I teach my clients regardless of what area I am coaching them in to lead their lives. No one ever taught us how to be the leaders of our lives. Emotional intelligence, mindset, energetics, intuition, business strategies, and money, are all topics covered in my programs and one on one coaching containers. 

Let's create magic together!