I am a multi-passionate being who loves any opportunity to empower others to be the best version of themselves. I offer a variety of coaching, mentoring, and speaking services which you can find below. 



"Coaching with Alison really helped to start moving me towards what I really want for my life.  Through her highly professional approach and gentle manner, I was able to release and move past obstacles in my life that were keeping me stuck and that were hurting me.  She was very thorough in getting to the root issues with her techniques; and gave me tasks that were very specific to the areas I needed to address.  She held me accountable, which was very important for me.  Knowing I could reach out to Alison during our work together when I was hitting my stuff really helped, and she would talk me through it and re-direct where needed.  I would highly recommend Alison to anyone who wants to better their lives and their relationship with themselves.  Not only is Alison an amazing coach, but she is also truly a special person."


"Ali, Looking back on this year, the world sure threw a lot at me (+ society), but in saying that, I’ve recognized that it also gave me so much. Despite being laid off due to COVID-19, I built up the courage to start a business. Out of all the things I thought this business endeavour would provide me, it never occurred to me that my ‘yes’ was simultaneously opening the door to a deep spiritual transformation. With your help, I was able to tap into the power of my mind, change the narrative of my thoughts and instead, attract more of what I desire in life. Before sitting down with you for our first session, it didn’t occur to me how active my unconscious mind was, let alone how much my past experiences, beliefs, and emotions swayed my future. 

I feel free. You have set me free from negativity. 

Now, when I open my eyes in the morning, I’m excited. My frame of mind has changed, I feel newfound energy flowing through my veins and I believe in myself and my potential.

Your work is magical."


"After one session with Alison, following in the next few weeks, I found profound changes within myself. Emotions and sadness that were triggered so easily beforehand, were now not surfacing and I felt more at peace with myself. I also concurred a fear that I had been harbouring for two years and met it head-on two days after I had my session with Alison.   I was so elated that I overcame this fear that tears of joy came and I have continuously been successful in facing this fear head-on on a daily basis with little trouble at all. I highly recommend any session with this wonderful lady."


"Alison was so professional and talented in our sessions, she helped me to see what I could not see before. I would highly recommend Alison to anyone looking to overcome obstacles in their life and clearing old patterns! Thank you, Alison, you profoundly changed my life!!!"


"Ali, WOW! Thank you for your guidance and wisdom. I have reached a whole new level of owning my worth.

I have a deeper relationship with money and I know it’s because of our session. We healed layers of generational trauma in connection with money and motherhood and I feel so free. I have never felt like this when it comes to money and I am so grateful for you. There was a key point in our work that no one else could have known. Thank you so much for everything and for shining the light on my path so I can continue to serve to make an impact and an income of my wildest dreams."


"I met Alison when I traveled from Greece to Canada. I was 36 years old and had never been in a healthy relationship, I had a pattern of never attracting the right men into my life. After meeting with Alison and dealing with the death of my mother and brother, I have attracted the most beautiful soul into my life and broken that pattern. We are now having a baby and are married. I would recommend Alison to anybody, my life feels so complete now. I am looking forward to connecting again with her. She is so gifted and I thank her for everything that she's done for me." 

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