• Alison Foy

What is Soul Power?

Updated: Sep 26

After facilitating thousands of hours of 1:1 work and speaking to incredible people from around the world, I know that I am here to guide those who believe that no matter what has happened in the past or what is happening now, they can create an abundant life and business on their terms by accessing their greatest power within, their soul power.

I often refer to soul power when I'm working with clients, speaking at events or even on my own podcast Wisdom Worth & Wealth.

Soul power is the activation of one's life force or spiritual essence.

After spending the past 10 years studying the mind, body, spirit, and everything in between, I've come to realize that who we truly are (a.k.a our soul power) often gets covered by generational, societal, cultural, and systemic conditioning, as well as limiting beliefs about who we are and what we are and aren't capable of.

I believe my purpose in life whether it's running a workshop, an online program, providing group or private mentorship, is activating the soul power within each and every person I come across so they can can lead themselves and live life from their highest potential. My clients will often leave our sessions making more impact and income through their work, achieving the goals they set, and becoming even more confident, connected, fulfilled, and present in their lives.

I am here to help you activate the soul power within so you not only will get unstuck, but you'll finally have the clarity you need to confidently, powerfully, and abundantly move forward in alignment so you can achieve anything and everything you desire to.

If you desire to break-free from mental, energetic, and financial plateaus or blocks keeping you stuck so you can accomplish your life or business goals in a fast, fulfilling, aligned way, fill out the contact form on my website to learn more about the soul power program.

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