Stages of Grief

I've been having a lot of conversations lately about grief. Grief is not just about death. It can be experienced with any loss. A relationship, friend, pet, a job, any goal that now has obstacles, cancelled celebrations or parties, or the loss of consistency, control, or structure in life.

The one thing about grief I often share with others is that although we all have our own experiences with it, it is something we share universally. It’s what makes us human and able to connect and relate to each other.

For those of you feeling the feelings, or just curious, these are the five stages of grief that were first proposed by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross:

1. Denial

•”this isn’t happening!”

2. Anger

•which often comes out in tears


• “maybe if I” “if I had only”

4. Depression

•Sadness bc things are out of our control and not what we wanted

5. Acceptance

•This phase is marked by a sense of calmness

•We finally have made peace in some way with the current circumstances and this is when we make a plan to adapt or adjust

We may not go through all the stages in the same order or even experience all of them but at the end of the day, we are all in this together and it is 100% normal to mourn the loss of events/ things/ needs that are important to you.

Some ways to move through the grief are:

•Acknowledge how you feel

•Allow yourself to feel the feelings- when we avoid doing this, we tend to get stuck.

•Ask yourself what you need in this moment to express your feelings or just feel better in general and take then take action. This is where self-care tools and strategies for expressing feelings come in.

If you are feeling stuck and in need of some strategies to help at any stage, feel free to connect with me for a free connection call here.

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