Embracing Rock Bottom

At one point in your life there was a defining moment for you, where you knew in every fiber of your being that there had to be more than what you currently had or have now.

Perhaps you went through a series of challenges whether it was emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual. Did the challenges of your life get you down? Did they take you down to rock bottom slowly over time or did you hit your rock with a thud?

Hey, maybe you are even still there. And that is okay.

Rock bottom is an incredible space to be in and I'll tell you why.

When you have hit your lowest of lows there is literally no other place to go but up. When you pick yourself up off the floor and make the choice to continue moving with life instead of fighting it you are energetically inviting in change and transformation. Sometimes the boulder we hit has to get so big for us to have our defining moment and realize that there must be a change.

By the way, the most successful people on our planet today went through the same thing you are going through or have gone through. They made the choice to better themselves and their circumstances. They made a choice to create a new future, to re-write their stories. They made the choice to heal their past and bring their new empowering learnings into their future with them so they could help others.

Eckhart tolle author of The Power of Now, was unemployed and homeless during one point of his life.

Tony Robbins the greatest motivational speaker of all time came from an abusive household and was so poor that he spent his last few dollars at a buffet so he could "fill up" because he didn't know when his next meal was when he was in his early twenties.

Lewis Howes Author of The School Of Greatness and a successful podcaster was a victim of sexual abuse and so poor at one point in his life that he had to live off of his friends couches.

These inspiring men are just three of the billions on our planet today but what makes them amazing leaders is their ability to get up when they've hit their rock. I bet they didn't do it alone and you don't have to either.

The greatest leaders and coaches today have the ability to use the pain of their past and the empowering learnings they gained by their own transformations to help others successfully re-write their own stories and focus on attaining the life they deserve and are destined to have.

Lets facilitate healthy and rewarding transformation together.

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