Ready To Bring The Magic Back Into Making Money?

Ready to Bring The Magic Back Into Making Money?


You Know You Are Meant To Do Big Things 

You have big dreams and an even bigger heart. 

You know the impact the work you do has on others and the world around you.

You know you were born to lead and create massive positive changes. That's why you spent so much time, energy, and even money studying, learning, and educating yourself to get you here.

You desire to leave a legacy, to I dare even say it, change the world.

You know you weren't made for a 9-5 job which is why you are transitioning out or have already left. Either way, your heart, and soul know you are here to do so much more.

You know it is your time to make big moves in your future and you are ready to fully embrace the powerful entrepreneur you are. 

You know this is your time to stop...

Playing small with your dreams

Stressing about money

Doubting yourself 

Holding yourself back 

And anything else that is keeping you stuck where you currently are.

The truth is… 

You can have it all. 

You can have an amazing business. 

You can confidently make big moves that get you big results. 

You can have more time, more energy, and more freedom to experience life with the ones that matter to you.

You can easily make sales and align with dream clients who are ready to buy from you.

You can have a solid foundation for multiple 4-5 figure months and lead with inspiration, intuition, and power.

You can have it all.

You just have to tap into the magic... 

Here's what most business programs don't tell you...

While strategy is important, it is only a small part of what determines your success.

While inspiration, flow, and energetic alignment are important to be in, they also have the ability to keep you stuck. 

First, you need to release the beliefs, stories, habits that have been holding you back and keeping you stuck around money, business, and anything else that gets in the way of you surging to 6 figures.

And then embody the fullest, highest version of yourself and get big results while creating an aligned, harmonized, success blueprint.  


Are you ready to create more money, more joy, and more fun in your life and business?

Introducing The Money Magic Mastermind

A 6-Month Mastermind to help you come home to yourself, to learn to trust yourself and your intuition, and allow that to lead the way in business. 

This is a fully interactive and transformational space to uncover who you are and create waves in business and life.

You will receive coaching, community, mindset training, and transformation for you to go ALL IN on you. 

And you will learn the energetics of money, business, and learn how to build your business by honoring yourself, your desires, your individuality.

What You Can Expect in The Money Magic Mastermind!


We weren't meant to build a business or do life alone. Successful entrepreneurs know the importance of community and connection which is why you will have access to a private group. 

This private group will be the home of trainings, guest bonus calls (yes- we will have bonus trainings & classes!), and a space where questions can be posted and answered.

It will also be a space to get feedback from myself and other mastermind members on anything you create during our 6 months together.

Training & Coaching

I recognize the importance of having integration of content & coaching. I truly believe you are a wealth of knowledge in your area of expertise and this program is designed with that in mind.

You have access to 2 group coaching calls a month to pick my brain & check-in with spirit about what is coming up for you as we work together towards scaling your business.

You will also have 1 training call per month that will cover topics such as: mindset, money, systems and strategies, intuition & energetics, marketing & sales, creating aligned offers + bonus calls & guest speakers! Because this is the Money Magic Mastermind you will of course have access to my Money Magic Program too!

You ALSO have 1:1 access to a Quantum Change Process Session. This life-changing session will help us get to the root of whatever blocks you have or what is keeping you stuck in a matter of hours. Sessions typically last 2-3 hours. 


I know the importance and added value of having access to a coach on the day to day which is why I am including voxer access to provide you with support when you need it. 

Voxer is a voice messaging and texting app. You will be in a group voxer chat where I will be checking messages daily to support you between the calls. 

On top of voxer access, group coaching calls, monthly training, and a 1:1 session, we will be doing TWO virtual retreats where I support you in the most powerful release of limiting beliefs I have ever experienced. Quantum Time release is one of the most powerful experiences on the planet and you get to experience it TWICE! These retreats will be at the 3-month and 6-month mark. 

Throughout Our 6 Months Together You Will... 

♾️  Have the confidence, the drive, and inspiration to scale your business to multiple 4-5 figure months and beyond

♾️  Easily get paid for being you

♾️  Create simple and scalable offers that will get you to 6 figures and beyond if you choose to

♾️  Grow and expand your intuition and psychic development

♾️  Authentically integrate more of who you are in your business while experiencing more joy, love, fun, and pleasure in all areas of life

♾️  Align with your ready-to-pay dream clients 

♾️  Have a new abundant relationship with money

♾️  Trust yourself and follow your intuition

♾️  Have harmony between business strategy and energetics

♾️  Confidently making big moves that get you big results 

Ready to Make Magic?


6 months of coaching, community, and connection that will change your life and business forever. 


We will be opening enrollment in the fall of 2021!

Join the waitlist now!

Wondering why I don't do sales calls? 

The truth is, I've sold 10's of thousands of dollars through social media without sales calls, without cold dms, and without convincing others to buy.

I believe in and trust the souls who are willing, wanting, and ready to work together to make empowered decisions that are best for them.

Even without doing those things I continue to align with and work with dream clients from around the world  and I would love to show you how I do this!

That being said, my inbox is always open for any questions you have.

Feel free to dm me anytime, I would LOVE to connect!

You can find me here @alisonfoy on Instagram or Alison Foy on Facebook Messenger!

 Results Others Have Experienced From Working Together


♾️  Receiving money owed to them during or after our work together (like 5+ figures).

♾️  Actually getting paid during or after our sessions together (again, thousands of dollars).

♾️  Falling madly, deeply in love with themselves and every area of their lives.

♾️  Aligning to their dream clients, having huge business & money breakthroughs.

♾️  After working together healing so much that in a few short months aligning with a soulmate, getting married, and having a child all within a year.

♾️  After years of holding in heavy emotions like fear, doubt, and anxiety, shifting out of that in a matter of hours.

♾️  After a lifetime of a poor relationship with money being able to find peace, clear the slate, and step into creating life and business from a place of power and purpose.

♾️  Going from unfit and unhappy to the best shape they've ever been in and enjoying life.

♾️  After releasing blocks around worth and wealth confidence skyrockets and the most amazing dream clients enter their world.

♾️  After a lifetime of not being able to trust, in a matter of hours finally shifting into unshakable trust and alignment and going all-in on themselves and their businesses.

♾️  Having the knowledge and confidence to successfully run and scale a business.

Hi, I'm Alison and nobody does it quite like me… 😉

I am incredible at understanding your mind and unconscious patterns that show up.

I studied psychology, neuroscience, and certain psychotherapies for a total of 7 years in school + certifications. I continue to research the unconscious mind and self-esteem with my clients. I continue to learn about unconscious biases and generational trauma and how they play into our perception of self, others, and the world around us. 🧠

I am highly intuitive and profoundly connected to the spirit world. I connect with my client's spirit team and souls blueprint to help them get the most aligned guidance for themselves and their business. ✨

Working with me allows you to do so much more than make more money.

It allows you to come back to who you are and create your experience of life from a place of power and freedom. ❤️‍🔥

I am an amazing business coach for many reasons, but what makes me stand out is I can see the things that you might miss and have the integration of science, spirit, and strategy all in one. 

I have advanced awareness when it comes to the mind, energetics, and have been learning and implementing business systems and strategies for years. 💸

I can help you find your success blueprint so you can create harmony between energy & strategy and make more money your aligned way.

If you know this is your time not only to make more money in your business, but grow spiritually while experiencing more joy, love, and fun in your life too, I would love to connect with you and tell you about ways we can work together.

My inbox is always open 🤍🤍


"Ali, WOW! Thank you for your guidance and wisdom. I have reached a whole new level of owning my worth.

I have a deeper relationship with money and I know it’s because of our session. We healed layers of generational trauma in connection with money and, motherhood and I feel so free. I have never felt like this when it comes to money and I so grateful for you. There was a key point in our work that no one else could have known. Thank you so much for everything and for shining the light on my path so I can continue to serve make an impact and an income of my wildest dreams."


"I would recommend working with Alison to anyone who wants to dig deep into themselves and to truly understanding what may be holding them back from reaching their goals in life. Alison provided a way to understand the spiritual aspect behind business and achieving goals. She provided a spiritual connection to wealth and abundance which I loved, as it's important to be reminded how much everything in life is interconnected. I have worked with a couple of other people and that was one piece that I found was often skipped over or not a lot of attention put into the process. For me, this was important as it allowed me to connect with an integration of body, mind, and soul into my understanding of wealth on a deeper level. There were so many changes Alison brought into my life through her programs!"


"I love your openness, your energy, and your level of understanding. I loved how accessible you were for questions, both in voxer and for the Facebook during and between the lives. I love how you bring your intuition and guidance into everything, that was one of the reasons I wanted to work with you. To anyone considering working with you, I'd say do it. If they're open to the extra guidance and insights you have, they should do it. Not because you're not good without those insights, but because those are what make you special and they make you the coach you are. I’ve had so many breakthroughs in such a short amount of time and the way I view and receive money is completely different. Working with you is simple. Your exercises, your way of working, is so simple but effective. No complicated processes, no complicated exercises, just simple things that work so well. I have gained a better way to deal with and work through my beliefs with your help!"