I believe that educators are one of the most influential role models in student's lives. Most teachers do what they do because they feel called to educate, support, and ultimately positively impact the lives of their students. What if you could impact your student's lives in the same way you had a teacher impact your life?


Alison provides you with real solutions and new awareness you can implement to create the impact you are hoping for. Learn and implement habits for healthy classrooms, strategies for student success, and how to support not only your student's emotional well-being but yours as well. I know that just as students enter the classroom with stresses and life challenges, you do as well.  Imagine having new tools and awareness to create a positive shift in your classroom as well as in your personal life.  


 Topics Covered: ​​

  • Characteristics of an Ideal Student 

  • Frames for Successful Learning 

  • Communication Model 

  • Limiting Beliefs: What Are They and How They May Impact Learning

  • Learning Styles & Rep Systems

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences 

  • Strength-Based Perspectives 

  • Stress Management 

  • Daring Classrooms & Brene Brown's Research 

  • Mental Health

  • Leading with Power vs. Force 

  • Overcoming Obstacles in the Classroom

  • Learning State

  • S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting 

  • Strategies for Test Anxiety 

It is Alison Foy's personal mission to provide emotional and energetic education and life skills to schools, systems, and to any individual who wishes to learn about themselves and transform their lives and relationships. With an emphasis on holistic psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and more, you’ll find everything you need to support your journey of conscious living.

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