A Facebook community created by Alison Foy and Danielle St John for parents and caregivers who are looking to create connections through conversation, foster positivity, and support your well-being on multiple levels so you can continue to support the child(ren) in your life but not at the expense of you.


Whether you are looking for an understanding ear, advice, or resources, this is a safe place for you to reach out for support. Please be honest with how you feel and what you need. You are not alone. Throughout this group, we will have a mix of resources, discussions, and guest speakers.

It is Alison Foy's personal mission to provide emotional and energetic education and life skills to schools, systems, and to any individual who wishes to learn about themselves and transform their lives and relationships. With an emphasis on holistic psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and more, you’ll find everything you need to support your journey of conscious living.

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