High Level 1:1 Coaching


I help you take your life and business to the next level by working with spirit to give you the most soul-aligned guidance + energetic activations.


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High Level 1:1 Coaching 

I help you take your life and business to the next level by working with spirit to give you the most soul-aligned guidance + energetic activations.

My name is Alison Foy and I am a coach and guide for spiritual entrepreneurs and soul-seekers.


I am here to work with heart-centered humans, leaders, and soulpreneurs, who are ready to transform their lives and businesses. 

It was through my own healing journey that I was led to study holistic health, psychology, and other psychotherapies formally for over 7 years.

Because of my background in psychology and interest in neuroscience, I am incredible at understanding your mind and the unconscious patterns that show up.

 I continue to research the unconscious mind and self-esteem with my clients. I continue to learn about unconscious biases and generational trauma and how they play into our perception of self, others, and the world around us. 

I am highly intuitive and profoundly connected to the spirit world. After the passing of my beloved father in 2012, I experienced a profound awakening. I began to connect with spirit and experience the spirit world and understand energetics on a deeper level.

I have the ability to connect with my client's spirit team and their souls blueprint to help them get the most aligned guidance for themselves in any area of life and business.

Working with me allows you to do so much more than make more money, have more joy, more fun, have more time, or more of anything else.

It allows you to come back to who you are and create your experience of life from a place of power and freedom. 

I am an amazing coach for many reasons, but what makes me stand out is I can see the things that you might miss and I have the integration of science, spirit, and strategy all in one. 

I have advanced awareness when it comes to the mind, energetics, and have been learning and implementing business systems and strategies for years. 

I can help you find your success blueprint in your business so you can create harmony between energy & strategy and make more money your aligned way.

If you know this is your time to make more money in your business or grow spiritually while experiencing more joy, love, and fun in your life and relationships too so you can have it all, keep scrolling. 🤍🤍


How To Know If Coaching Is Right For You


You have big dreams and an even bigger heart. 

You know the mark you make on others and the world around you. 

Your heart and soul know you are here to do so much more than what is in your current reality.

You know it is your time to make big moves in your future and you are ready to fully embrace the powerful being you are. You are ready to co-create with the universe and experience the magic for yourself.

You know there are some blocks that are preventing you from going all-in on yourself or your business and are ready to let them go at the deepest of levels. 

You are ready to embody your truest authentic self in your life or business and align with whatever you desire, easily, just by being you. 

You desire freedom on all levels. 

Financial freedom, time freedom, energetic freedom, emotional freedom, freedom from limiting thoughts/ beliefs, freedom from the past, and so much more. 


What It's Like To Work Together 


We will work together for 4 months.

Each package includes up to 20 hours total. You can expect that most sessions will be 60 minutes and will be held weekly. However, sometimes we might have longer sessions to best support you, which will mean less sessions during the month but more impact. 

The 1:1 coaching package includes: a QCP session, soul sessions + intuitive readings, energetic work, channeled soul aligned guidance, NLP sessions focused on releasing unconscious blocks, business and / or life expansion coaching sessions and so much more. A few hours together will be life-changing.

All coaching includes ongoing support via voice messaging & calls so you can get support when you need it. 

You'll also get access to additional online programs to continue learning and expanding. 


4 Month Coaching Packages

Coaching at this level begins with a 4-month commitment. 

Monthly: 4 payments of $2222

Or if you pay in full, you get a bonus of 1 extra week together (1 x 60 min session and Voxer support) when you pay in full for 4 months. $8888

I currently have 1:1 spots available.

If coaching together is calling to you, connect with me through InstagramFacebook, or the contact form, and I will answer any questions you have!


"Alison is a wise young woman that is highly skilled at what she does and is a brilliant and gifted coach. Using her skills and intuition she helped me blow out an old strategy that has been holding me back since I was a teen. If you are considering working with Alison I highly recommend it, you won't regret it."


"Alison was wonderful and I highly recommend her to you! Her calm and caring demeanour was exactly what I needed to feel safe and to finally open up and deal with the issues that had been haunting me for so long.  Alison very skillfully led me through an amazing process that was completely transformative for me.  Alison, I'm so very grateful for you - thank you!"


"After one session with Alison, following in the next few weeks, I found profound changes within myself. Emotions and sadness that were triggered so easily beforehand, were now not surfacing and I felt more at peace with myself. I also concurred a fear that I had been harboring for two years and met it head-on two days after I had my session with Alison.   I was so elated that I overcame this fear that tears of joy came and I have continuously been successful in facing this fear head-on on a daily basis with little trouble at all. I highly recommend any session with this wonderful lady."





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