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Hi and Welcome! 


I'm Alison, an ordinary person with extraordinary dreams. 


Some of my favourite ordinary things include being outside in nature, a night in with friends or family, my favourite silky pyjamas, good old reality tv, and cuddles with my dog. But before we get into my extraordinary dreams, let me share a little bit about myself! 


After the death of my father and the pressure of trying to figure out my next steps in life at the young age of 16, I found myself in a very low place. I was fortunate enough to have incredible support and humans around me, but I didn’t know how to work through the heavy emotions, negative thinking, and just overall stress of life when I was alone. I didn’t know how to lead myself through the ups and downs of my grief and although many years have passed, this experience has led me to the work I do today.


I recognized early on that like myself, most of us are never taught how to navigate the ups and downs of life and actually have very little awareness of how to lead ourselves emotionally through this unpredictable life experience. 


My passion for learning different ways to lead myself out of a low place in my youth led me to formally study and be certified in teaching, training, and mentoring others about topics such as personal development, emotional intelligence, leadership development and skills, and mindset and mindfulness practices. Since then, I have worked with and spoken to thousands of youth and young adults and inspired them to embrace their inner leaders so they can confidently move forward towards their goals with alignment, trust, and fulfillment. 


So on that note, here’s a few of my extraordinary dreams to remind you to follow your heart, lead from within, and have the courage to dream!

  • Speaking on stages and in schools around the world to youth and young adults! Reminding them that they can create incredible lives no matter what has happened to them and teaching them how to create their own Resources for Resilience™  (I've done this off and on since 2018 check out more under services!) 

  • Writing and publishing a book that can be used as a guide for others while they navigate their personal & spiritual growth journeys (I don’t know what it will be on specifically yet, but I know it’s coming!)

  • Making the world a better place by impacting one life at a time (I love working with my clients and seeing the ripple effect of the work we do in multiple areas of their lives. I’m grateful to be mentoring others individually and in groups since 2018)

  •  Starting a nonprofit for youth to learn mindset, emotional intelligence and self-leadership skills (A big dream, but I’m taking one step at a time!)

  •  And on a personal note, getting married and starting a family (I'll be a Mrs. In Aug 2023!!!)


As a child, I was pretty much afraid of everything..the dark, loud noises, making new friends, leaving old ones, raising my hand in class, the list goes on! I was pretty much afraid of anything that required me to get uncomfortable and put myself out there. I really struggled with school and you could typically catch me hanging inside with teachers instead of playing games on the playground or eating lunch by myself. 

​I really thought something was wrong with me but, it turns out, I was just highly sensitive to the world around me and my spiritual connection often showed up as extreme anxiety. I have always loved the outdoors, being creative, and later on in my life learning about the mind-body connection. I always have had a knowing or sense for things but as I grew up I unintentionally shut this down and allowed logic and opinions of others to drive my decisions instead of what I knew in my heart. 

The universe had other plans for me because when my father's cancer turned terminal when I was 13, the greatest awakening I've ever experienced began to unfold. A few years later while I was in high school he sadly passed away. He was terminally ill for 7 years of my life and his passing awoke a deeper sense of awareness and intuition into my life. 


 As a result of the grief and attempting to cope with the heartbreak of losing my father I was falling behind and struggling to complete my high school education. ​As time and life went on, I felt the pressure of society to figure out my life. I knew I was meant for so much more than the traditional "go to school and get a good job path."  Even though my heart and intuition wanted me to take a chance on doing things differently, my mind took the lead and I convinced myself that I should follow a more “traditional” path.

I spent over 7 years formally studying psychology, counselling, and coaching. Although learning all of this was an incredible foundation, I lost myself in all the information. And even though I took the jump into entrepreneurship, just a year into operating my financially “successful” business, I was running the same pattern of operating it the way I thought I "should.”


Even though the business was making money, I was feeling a lack of fulfillment, disconnection from myself, and burnout for the work I spent years of my life creating. I realized I had lost myself in all the shoulds, in all the information, and was trusting others' opinions of what I should be doing and how I should be working more than my own. I was disconnected from my passion, self, and others around me.


This was my second “awakening” and once again, by divine intervention, I was led back to doing inner work and getting to the root of why I was struggling.


The truth is, I can say now with the wisdom of hindsight that I never had the confidence and belief in myself to be free to do the things I wanted on my terms. I had a mental list of rules that told me how I “should” live my life and what I “should or shouldn’t” do when it came to all areas of it. My ego and mind kept me small in fear of what others might think. 

I had to take time to unlearn and redefine what I wanted in my career, and other areas of my life too. The confidence and freedom that came from doing this inner work has made such a significant impact on my life that I now guide and speak to others from around the world on topics such as connecting to the joy of life, breaking free from mental limitations, self-leadership, emotional intelligence, trusting yourself, confidence and self-esteem and so much more. 


Even with the new found confidence and freedom I had, I want you to know I still had and will always have doubts and fears. Of course I have been lost and desperate at times for the “right” path, but reconnecting back to myself, my own joy, and courageously walking the road less traveled, has led me to the life I have now. I have learned how to lead myself through uncertainty, through disappointment, through the highs and lows of life and still have love and compassion for myself in the process. This is just one of the many resiliency skills that I’m motivated to teach others, specifically youth and young adults.  


In my life and business now, I live on purpose and with intention daily. 

I am confidently and authentically growing as a person and a brand from the inside out. 

I am so deeply connected to my own life and my inner wisdom that every area of my life thrives.

I have balance, I have fun, I enjoy my life, my work, and I make a much bigger impact I ever thought was possible just by owning who I am and confidently being myself. 


By sharing my story and providing resources for resilience, I’m on a mission to inspire youth and young adults to embrace their inner leaders and trust themselves as they confidently move forward in life towards their goals with alignment, empowerment, and fulfillment.


"I love your openness, your energy, and your level of understanding. I love how you bring your intuition and guidance into everything, that was one of the reasons I wanted to work with you. To anyone considering working with you, I'd say do it. If they're open to the extra guidance and insights you have, they should do it. Not because you're not good without those insights, but because those are what make you special and they make you the coach you are. I’ve had so many breakthroughs in such a short amount of time and the way I view and receive money is completely different. Working with you is simple. Your exercises, your way of working, are so simple but effective. No complicated processes, no complicated exercises, just simple things that work so well. I have gained a better way to deal with and work through my beliefs with your help!"


"I would recommend working with Alison to anyone who wants to dig deep into themselves and to truly understand what may be holding them back from reaching their goals in life. Alison provided a way to understand the spiritual aspect behind the business and achieving goals. She provided a spiritual connection to wealth and abundance which I loved, as it's important to be reminded how much everything in life is interconnected. I have worked with a couple of other people and that was one piece that I found was often skipped over or not a lot of attention put into the process. For me, this was important as it allowed me to connect with the integration of body, mind, and soul into my understanding of wealth on a deeper level. There were so many changes Alison brought into my life through her coaching programs!"










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