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Hi and welcome!!!

I'm Alison Foy! An ordinary person with extraordinary dreams. 

How ordinary you ask? Well... some of my favourite things are being outside in nature, a night in with friends or family, my Hulu reality tv subscription where I keep up with shows like below deck or million dollar listing, my favourite silky pyjamas, and all of the dogs. 

My hobbies include yoga, writing, and deep cleaning all corners of my home #virgothings. 

I am a 2/6 manifestor in human design if you are into that, and I love having the freedom to live my life and design my business in a way that works for me. 

My extraordinary dreams include: 

  •  Creating a community for other like minded soul seekers or soulprenurs can come together and grow (Want In? Join The Wisdom Worth & Wealth Community Here!)
  •  Writing and publishing a book that people can use as a guide to help them on their spiritual growth journeys (In the works!)
  •  Speaking on stages to young minds about how they can create incredible lives (I've done this off and on since 2018 and am ready to turn it up a notch now that covid is on its way out!) 
  •  Creating a multimillion dollar business on my terms with lots of balance, loving, and living in my life without sacrifice (On my way!)
  •  Making the world a better place one heartbeat at a time (I've been doing this professionally since 2018!)
  •  Starting a non-profit for youth to learn mindset and emotional intelligence skills (In the works!)
  •  And on a personal note, getting married and starting a family (I'll be a Mrs. In Aug 2023!!!) 

I am coach and mentor, speaker, and podcast host who is passionate about helping others create big meaningful lives and businesses in authentic ways that honour their spiritual path and purpose. I believe that each and every one of us has the power within to create incredible results in all areas of life. I guide and speak to others from around the world on topics such as connecting to the joy of life and your own soul’s wisdom, breaking free from mental limitations, and creating more wealth, abundance, and fulfillment.

One of my favourite quotes is "When you hold onto your history, you do so at the expense of your destiny" by T.D. Jakes. 

I believe that no matter what has happened in the past you  deserve to find peace, freedom, and abundance as you make the rest of your life the best of your life. I'm on a mission to help anyone who is ready to learn how to transform their life and any area of it by using the power of the mind, the universe around them, and wisdom within.  

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I love your openness, your energy, and your level of understanding. I love how you bring your intuition and guidance into everything, that was one of the reasons I wanted to work with you. To anyone considering working with you, I'd say do it. If they're open to the extra guidance and insights you have, they should do it. Not because you're not good without those insights, but because those are what make you special and they make you the coach you are. I’ve had so many breakthroughs in such a short amount of time and the way I view and receive money is completely different. Working with you is simple. Your exercises, your way of working, are so simple but effective. No complicated processes, no complicated exercises, just simple things that work so well. I have gained a better way to deal with and work through my beliefs with your help!"

-Tessa Veenman, Netherlands

-Kevin Avery, Canada

"Alison was so professional and talented in our sessions, she helped me to see what I could not see before. I would highly recommend Alison to anyone looking to overcome obstacles in their life and clearing old patterns! Thank you, Alison, you profoundly changed my life!!!"

"Alison was so professional and talented in our sessions, she helped me to see what I could not see before. I would highly recommend Alison to anyone looking to overcome obstacles in their life and clear old patterns! Thank you, Alison, you profoundly changed my life!!!"

-Kevin Avery, Canada

"I would recommend working with Alison to anyone who wants to dig deep into themselves and to truly understand what may be holding them back from reaching their goals in life. Alison provided a way to understand the spiritual aspect behind the business and achieving goals. She provided a spiritual connection to wealth and abundance which I loved, as it's important to be reminded how much everything in life is interconnected. I have worked with a couple of other people and that was one piece that I found was often skipped over or not a lot of attention put into the process. For me, this was important as it allowed me to connect with the integration of body, mind, and soul into my understanding of wealth on a deeper level. There were so many changes Alison brought into my life through her coaching programs!"

-Natasha Tashlikowich, Canada



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Here's What I Believe...


I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and we are here to live in a big abundant way. 

It's called the life experience for a reason! 

There will always be challenges, there will always be reasons to quit, and reasons to play small because of fear...

But the truth is, no matter what happens in your life, no matter what goal you are working towards, or what challenge is rearing its head in your life, it's you that will lead you from A-B.

The secret to your success will always be you.

And the secret to breaking through that block, accomplishing that goal, manifesting more, and feeling reconnected to your passion is you too. 

True success isn't defined by how much you have or what you do. 

True success has everything to do with how much happiness, fulfillment, and connection you are able to experience in all areas of your life at any given moment.  

You don’t have to sacrifice one area of your life to be successful in another. 

You don't have to experience prolonged or consistent burnout and constantly hustle to make more money or surpass your goals.

You get to thrive in your business and be deeply connected and fulfilled in ALL areas of life.

It doesn't have to be one or the other.

I'll show you how...

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