I'm Alison Foy, Emotional Educator and Mindset Coach.
I am passionate about teaching authentic leaders and conscious souls how to tap into the power of their minds to transform their lives and attract anything they desire. 
I am so looking forward to connecting with you!
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My coaching and teaching style is designed to take you through a personal transformation by having an integrative approach to teaching all the things that make you, you.


We talk about energetics, emotional intelligence, consciousness, spirituality, beliefs about money, others, and yourself.


Think about all the things that you wish you had learned in school that would actually allow you to thrive in life and your relationships. These are the topics I am so incredibly passionate about because they have not only transformed my life, but I have witnessed so many of my clients transform as well. 



I'm qualified.

I am a certified Master Practitioner and Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Holistic Health Practitioner, and Psychology Graduate. 

I have real-life experience.

I know what it's like to go through challenges, I know what it's like to have heartbreaks and losses. I also know what it's like to invest in overcoming them. I've invested in leaders that helped me up-level in my life and business.

I believe in your potential.

I believe in and am passionate about the work we do together, why? Because I am evidence that it works. I believe that you just need the tools to get you to where you desire to be in any area of your life. 


"Alison was so professional and talented in our sessions, she helped me to see what I could not see before. I would highly recommend Alison to anyone looking to overcome obstacles in their life and clearing old patterns!  Thank you, Alison, you profoundly changed my life!!!"


"I met Alison when I traveled from Greece to Canada. My experience with her was so unique. I was 36 years old and had never been in a healthy relationship, never attracting the right men into my life. After meeting with Alison and dealing with the death of my mother and brother, I have attracted the most beautiful soul into my life. We are now having a baby and are married. I would recommend Alison to anybody, my life feels so complete now. I am looking forward to connecting again with her. She is so gifted and I thank her for everything that she's done for me." 


"My breakthrough with Alison really helped to start moving me towards what I really want for my life.  Through her highly professional approach and gentle manner, I was able to release and move past obstacles in my life that were keeping me stuck and that was hurting me.  She was very thorough in getting to the root issues with her techniques; and gave me tasks that were very specific to the areas I needed to address.  She held me accountable, which was very important for me.  Knowing I could reach out to Alison during the breakthrough when I was hitting my stuff really helped, and she would talk me through it and re-direct where needed.  I would highly recommend Alison for anyone who wants to better their lives and their relationship with themselves.  Not only is Alison an amazing coach, she is truly a special person." 


"I have completed two Soul Genesis sessions with Ali now and I am amazed at the accuracy of the information she provides during the session.  Everything she presents to me is showing up for me either in my physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual world.  During the clearing, I feel relaxed because Ali has a peace to her that provides you with an unspoken level of support.  In the days after the session, I receive clarity about my goals, and I feel a tremendous amount of support from the universe.  Thank you Ali for sharing your gifts with me, I appreciate the work you do so much!"




"Alison is a wise young woman that is highly skilled at what she does and is a brilliant and gifted coach. Using her skills and intuition she helped me blow out an old strategy that has been holding me back since I was a teen. If you are considering working with Alison I highly recommend it, you won't regret it."




"It was always hard for me to admit that I was an anxious individual. I grew up an anxious, overthinking, obsessive person and I always brushed it off, saying to myself “everyone must be like this”. I had a million thoughts racing through my mind every minute and I had no idea how to control them or how to tell which thoughts were my own or just my anxious brain talking. Additionally, I also thought I was more in control then I actually was…brushing off comments from family members about how concerned they were for my mental well-being. As I mentioned, a constant state of alert was normal for me, I had spells that were worse than others, but I could always come out of them. Over the last year I had the worst spell of my life, overthinking every aspect of it, from my relationship with my partner, my parents, my friends, even my own dog and myself. I could barely sleep; I couldn’t have a conversation about anything serious without bursting into tears and having a panic attack; I was put on medication to try and mellow me out, but nothing helped. I knew there was a deeper root to this surface stuff, but I just couldn’t figure it out. After doing research I finally came across Ali and her business. 

            I called Ali to discuss what she does, how it works, and all that business and she quickly became invested in my well-being; so eager to get to the bottom of this so I could finally be happy. Ali displayed such professionalism throughout the entirety of the session, she had a calm and cool voice that was very soothing when we started getting into deeper traumas. Ali was also extremely educated on the psyche, mind, spirit and body. She was able to communicate to me why I felt the way I did and HOW to fix it and I was ecstatic. FINALLY, I was able to understand why I felt the way I did and how to cope with it when things got tough. It finally felt like I had some clarity in my life and that could tackle any problem that came my way in the future. 


            Since we have worked together, I am now on a regular exercise schedule (I now have the mental ability to plan things out and make time for myself), I sleep better, and I have the ability to cope with anxious thoughts that come my way. I am able to decipher which thoughts are my own and which thoughts are just my sub concussion coming to bite me in the butt. I have a better than ever relationship with my partner, family and friends and I genuinely feel happy (which is something I could never see myself saying before). I would recommend anyone thinking about a therapy should invest their time with Ali because it was beyond worth it." 




It is Alison Foy's personal mission to provide emotional and energetic education and life skills to schools, systems, and to any individual who wishes to learn about themselves and transform their lives and relationships. With an emphasis on holistic psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and more, you’ll find everything you need to support your journey of conscious living.

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