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Welcome to my world! 

My name is Alison Foy and I believe that you landed here in my little corner of the internet for a reason. 
I know you, I'm just like you!
I know that your heart and soul know you are here to do and have everything you've dreamed of. 
You've been on a journey of finding yourself. 
You are curious about spirituality, energetics, and how to create a life of joy, freedom, and abundance in all areas.  
You already know how powerful you are, you know yourself deeply and are already taking big chances on you.
You've been looking for someone who will not only be your biggest cheerleader, but someone who will guide you as you understand and embody your full authentic self while experiencing the magic the universe has to offer you.
The truth is, you already know what you want, you just desire to get there faster and that's where I can help. 

Here's what I believe...

I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
I believe that this life is a life of not only remembering the truth of who we are but using the magic of the universe to live in a big way. 
The loss of my father as a young teenager catapulted me into a world of not only experiencing firsthand why it is so important to live life to the fullest but also understanding the spirit world and energetic principles of the universe in ways I never could have imagined. 
I believe that we are here to become more and more of who we truly are through the magic of manifestation. 
I believe manifestation is just evidence of our evolution. 
The more we are able to manifest, the more we are evolving and growing from a place of alignment and co-creating with the magic of the universe.
If you are willing to play big, the universe will give big things back to you. 
I used to be an unhealthy, unhappy, unlucky in love, unmotivated, insecure, and very broke person. 
It was the desire to be more than what happened to me in my past that led me to study psychology and counselling, my desire to do things in a bigger more impactful way that led me to become a coach. My desire to teach the concepts I have learned and embodied in a bigger way led me to motivational speaking and podcasting. 
I run a fun, abundant, intuitive, and strategic international online business that I've created around my life.
After chasing what I thought "success" was and doing things that worked for others, I was so burnt out. 
I had to come back to myself, unlearn the conditioning I bought into, and most of all, remember how important it is to make the most out of every day. 
I now have an incredibly supportive, trusting, abundant relationship with money, incredible friends, incredible clients, lots of time to spend with family, and my fiance.
I believe success isn't defined by how much you have or do. 
I believe true success has everything to do with how willing you are to trust yourself when making aligned decisions and how much joy, love, and fulfillment you are able to experience in all areas of your life.  
You can truly have it all. 
You don't have to sacrifice anything to experience the level of abundance, joy, and fulfillment I am talking about. 
You just have to have the desire for it.  
 I've been able to understand and embody the universal magic that is available to us all. 
I'm so passionate about teaching my clients and students how to embody this magic so they can experience it for themselves.
If it were possible for me, it is undeniably possible for you too. 


Ready to experience the joy, abundance, and fun available to you in all areas of your life?

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Client Love


"Ali, WOW! Thank you for your guidance and wisdom. I have reached a whole new level of owning my worth.

I have a deeper relationship with money and I know it’s because of our session. We healed layers of generational trauma in connection with money and, motherhood and I feel so free. I have never felt like this when it comes to money and I am so grateful for you. There was a key point in our work that no one else could have known. Thank you so much for everything and for shining the light on my path so I can continue to serve to make an impact and an income of my wildest dreams."

-Nicole Weston, Canada


"I met Alison when I traveled from Greece to Canada. I was 36 years old and had never been in a healthy relationship, never attracting the right men into my life. After meeting with Alison and dealing with the death of my mother and brother, I have attracted the most beautiful soul into my life. We are now having a baby and are married. I would recommend Alison to anybody, my life feels so complete now. I am looking forward to connecting again with her. She is so gifted and I thank her for everything that she's done for me." 

-Angie Loukaki, Greece


"Coaching with Alison really helped to start moving me towards what I really want for my life.  Through her highly professional approach and gentle manner, I was able to release and move past obstacles in my life that were keeping me stuck and that was hurting me.  She was very thorough in getting to the root issues with her techniques; and gave me tasks that were very specific to the areas I needed to address.  She held me accountable, which was very important for me.  Knowing I could reach out to Alison when I needed guidance really helped. I would highly recommend Alison to anyone who wants to better their lives and their relationship with themselves.  Not only is Alison an amazing coach, but she is also truly a special person." 

-Linda Beadle, Canada


"I would recommend working with Alison to anyone who wants to dig deep into themselves and to truly understand what may be holding them back from reaching their goals in life. Alison provided a way to understand the spiritual aspect behind the business and achieving goals. She provided a spiritual connection to wealth and abundance which I loved, as it's important to be reminded how much everything in life is interconnected. I have worked with a couple of other people and that was one piece that I found was often skipped over or not a lot of attention put into the process. For me, this was important as it allowed me to connect with the integration of body, mind, and soul into my understanding of wealth on a deeper level. There were so many changes Alison brought into my life through her programs!"

-Natasha Tashlikowich, Canada


"I am always amazed at the accuracy of the information Ali provides during her sessions.  Everything she presents to me is showing up for me either in my physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual world.  Ali has a peace to her that provides you with an unspoken level of support.  In the days after our sessions, I receive clarity about my goals, and I feel a tremendous amount of support from the universe.  Thank you Ali for sharing your gifts with me, I appreciate the work you do so much!"

 -Kelsie VanRoon, Ontario


"Alison is a wise young woman that is highly skilled at what she does and is a brilliant and gifted coach. Using her skills and intuition she helped me blow out an old strategy that has been holding me back since I was a teen. If you are considering working with Alison I highly recommend it, you won't regret it."

 -Marilyn Mayberry, Canada

"I have had the pleasure of working with Ali on more than one occasion and I can honestly say she has a tremendous amount of insight.  During my most recent experiences, she helped me to come to terms with my need to want to be a martyr for those who have troubled lives and the guilt I often feel as a single mom and entrepreneur.  These two things seem to stem from a generational issue that has played out through my own adult life.  During and after our session, I gained a tremendous amount of clarity. Not only do I no longer feel responsible or guilty for things I don't have control over.  I also have learned to accept that I am a good mother and can be both successful as a parent and in my chosen career.  I will forever be grateful!" 

-Lucy Gouveia, Canada


Looking back on this year, the world sure threw a lot at me (+ society), but in saying that, I’ve recognized that it also gave me so much. Despite being laid off due to COVID-19, I built up the courage to start a business. Out of all the things I thought this business endeavor would provide me, it never occurred to me that my ‘yes’ was simultaneously opening the door to a deep spiritual transformation. 

With your help, I was able to tap into the power of my mind, change the narrative of my thoughts and instead, attract more of what I desire in life. Before sitting down with you for our first session, it didn’t occur to me how active my unconscious mind was, let alone how much my past experiences, beliefs, and emotions swayed my future. 

I feel free. You have set me free from negativity. 

Now, when I open my eyes in the morning, I’m excited. My frame of mind has changed, I feel newfound energy flowing through my veins and I believe in myself and my potential.

Your work is magical.

Sure, I still have off days, but since stepping into my power, I know how to flip the switch to make them better. 

As someone who had never done this type of work before, I understand why it’s so important now. 

Thank you, Ali, for opening up my eyes, my heart, and my mind."

 -Kristen Schneider, Canada 


"I love your openness, your energy, and your level of understanding. I loved how accessible you were for questions, both in voxer and for the Facebook during and between the lives. I love how you bring your intuition and guidance into everything, that was one of the reasons I wanted to work with you. To anyone considering working with you, I'd say do it. If they're open to the extra guidance and insights you have, they should do it. Not because you're not good without those insights, but because those are what make you special and they make you the coach you are. I’ve had so many breakthroughs in such a short amount of time and the way I view and receive money is completely different. Working with you is simple. Your exercises, your way of working, are so simple but effective. No complicated processes, no complicated exercises, just simple things that work so well. I have gained a better way to deal with and work through my beliefs with your help!"

-Tessa Veenman, Netherlands

"It was always hard for me to admit that I was an anxious individual. I grew up an anxious, overthinking, obsessive person and I always brushed it off, saying to myself “everyone must be like this”. I had a million thoughts racing through my mind every minute and I had no idea how to control them or how to tell which thoughts were my own or just my anxious brain talking. Additionally, I also thought I was more in control than I actually was…brushing off comments from family members about how concerned they were for my mental well-being. As I mentioned, a constant state of alert was normal for me, I had spells that were worse than others, but I could always come out of them. Over the last year I had the worst spell of my life, overthinking every aspect of it, from my relationship with my partner, my parents, my friends, even my own dog and myself. I could barely sleep; I couldn’t have a conversation about anything serious without bursting into tears and having a panic attack; I was put on medication to try and mellow me out, but nothing helped. I knew there was a deeper root to this surface stuff, but I just couldn’t figure it out. After doing research I finally came across Ali and her business. 

I called Ali to discuss what she does, how it works, and all that business and she quickly became invested in my well-being; so eager to get to the bottom of this so I could finally be happy. Ali displayed such professionalism throughout the entirety of the session, she had a calm and cool voice that was very soothing when we started getting into deeper traumas. Ali was also extremely educated on the psyche, mind, spirit and body. She was able to communicate to me why I felt the way I did and HOW to fix it and I was ecstatic. FINALLY, I was able to understand why I felt the way I did and how to cope with it when things got tough. It finally felt like I had some clarity in my life and that could tackle any problem that came my way in the future. 

Since we have worked together, I am now on a regular exercise schedule (I now have the mental ability to plan things out and make time for myself), I sleep better, and I have the ability to cope with anxious thoughts that come my way. I am able to decipher which thoughts are my own and which thoughts are just my sub concussion coming to bite me in the butt. I have a better than ever relationship with my partner, family and friends and I genuinely feel happy (which is something I could never see myself saying before). I would recommend anyone thinking about doing inner work invest their time with Ali because it was beyond worth it."

- Courtney Page, Canada

"After one session with Alison, following in the next few weeks, I found profound changes within myself. Emotions and sadness that were triggered so easily beforehand, were now not surfacing and I felt more at peace with myself. I also concurred a fear that I had been harboring for two years and met it head-on two days after I had my session with Alison.   I was so elated that I overcame this fear that tears of joy came and I have continuously been successful in facing this fear head-on on a daily basis with a little trouble at all. I highly recommend any session with this wonderful lady.

" -Athleen Anrep, Canada

"I just finished the Energy of Entrepreneurship with Ali.  I had thought this workshop was going to be mainly around money mindset but it turned out to be that and so much more.  I have attended MANY in-person and online workshops over the years......and I have to say this was one of the best.  What I really liked was how Ali explained things.  Although I have heard much of what she spoke of over the years; through the workshops, I attended and my own training, and the books I've read, but there was just something about how Ali worded things that struck a different cord.  Almost like an AHA moment.  I am finding myself in the few days after the workshop truly believing that the dreams I desire for my career life, are actually possible.  And by taking out the 'how' will I get there or 'how' do I do this......opens up the doors to just 'trusting'.  And taking action of course.  Deep down I have known what I desired to do, my inner voice has been whispering at me for many years, but I was wrapped up in what I thought I should do as everyone else was doing it.  And I put a lot of time and effort into 'trying' to mold into what I thought I should do and was seeing minimal rewards for my hard work.  But that stops now.  I am just going to start playing at what I want to do.   Playing around with the vision I am creating for myself and "just be her" and 'trust that it is possible.....and just see what happens.  Exciting."

 -Linda Beadle, Canada


"For the past couple of months I had been vibrating on a level so low, I thought I might be depressed. Tasks like doing the laundry, even leaving my house for a walk took all of my energy and it was really starting to affect my mental health and the relationships around me. I needed a renewal of energy and spirituality to wake me up and clear the fog. I had gone to Alison for sessions a couple of years ago and thought it might help to do something similar again. Sure enough, it was exactly what I needed. All it took was one session and I feel like myself again. Thank you, Alison!" 

-Sophie Bisnaire, Canada


"Alison is absolutely amazing! She helps enable personal growth and development while creating connections in mind body, and soul. Her presence is comforting and her knowledge is abundant. I'm very grateful to have met someone like her because not only on a coaching level is she incredible, but she is also incredible as a person. Alison is one of the kindest people I know!"

-Jenna Sedran, Canada


"Alison was so professional and talented in our sessions, she helped me to see what I could not see before. I would highly recommend Alison to anyone looking to overcome obstacles in their life and clearing old patterns! Thank you, Alison, you profoundly changed my life!!!"

-Kevin Avery, Canada


"Having experienced several coaching sessions with Ali, I always recommend her to my fellow soul searchers. Her calm demeanor and professionalism are so impressive! I also really appreciate that her workspace is always impeccably clean, which has made for even more focused sessions together. Thank you always, Ali."

-Shannon Marston, Canada

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